NY Post: De La Rosa, Nova being investigated

George King of The New York Post (who else?) is reporting that Major League Baseball is investigating Thunder pitcher Wilkin De La Rosa and his former Trenton teammate, Ivan Nova, for allegedly injecting each other with Vitamin B12 last season while at Double-A Trenton.
Although B12 is not on MLB’s list of banned substances, only licensed physicians are permitted to perform the injections.
According to The Post, MLB investigators also want to make certain the shots were B12 and not human growth hormone (HGH) or any other banned substance.
Physicians often give Vitamin B12 injections to patients suffering from anemia, fatigue or other symptoms of B12 deficiency. Some doctors also may prescribe B12 as part of a weight loss program, but neither De La Rosa nor Nova has anything close to a weight management issue.
General manager Brian Cashman told King he was not aware of the investigation.
Nova, 23, was impressive in his major league debut Monday against the Toronto Blue Jays after taking over for Javier Vazquez in the Yankees rotation. Nova pitches again tomorrow in Chicago.
De La Rosa, 25, has been disappointing all season with a 2-4 record and 5.00 ERA for the Thunder heading into tonight’s game at Harrisburg.
Both players are members of the Yankees’ 40-man roster.

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One Comment on “NY Post: De La Rosa, Nova being investigated”

  1. BK Says:

    John , I am not sure what the investigation will turn up. as you reported a few weeks ago neither player can be tested for HGH since they have a major leauge contract.

    If these guys wanted a B12 shot they only had to go to the team doctor. this is going to be another case of “Walks like a duck , Talks like a duck” but they will not be able to prove it . same old story .

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