Thunder draft picks – the good, bad & the ugly

Trot Nixon (7th overall)

The collection of players drafted by the Tigers, Red Sox and Yankees who have played for the Thunder since 1994 has been a mixed bag of studs, duds and just about everything in between.

Eric Duncan (27th overall)

Our list of top picks and total busts are here, but for the expanded feature you’ll need to check out today’s Times of Trenton or click here.

First-round capsules for the Yankees, Mets and Phillies are posted here on BareBones, and the few of you still reading newspapers we’ll break down the Yankees’ top selection of upstate New York high school shortstop Christopher “Cito” Culver” in The Times tomorrow.

The Bonus Babies

1. 1B Tony Clark (1994) _ No. 2 overall/Detroit Tigers/1990
2. OF Trot Nixon (1995-96) _ No. 7 overall/Red Sox/1993
3. SS Nomar Garciparra (1995) _ No. 12 overall/Red Sox/1994
4. SS Adam Everett (1999) _ No. 12 overall/Red Sox/1998
5. 1B/OF Greg Blosser (1995) _ No. 16 overall/Red Sox/1989

The Washouts

1. OF Andy Brown (2003) _ No. 24 overall/Yankees/1998
2. 3B Eric Duncan (2005-06) _ No. 27 overall/Yankees/2003
3. RHP Josh Garrett (2000, 2001) _ No. 26 overall/Red Sox/1996.
4. RHP Jon Skaggs (2005) _ No. 42 overall/Yankees/2001
5. OF Mark Fischer (2000-2002) _ No. 35 overall/Red Sox/1997

2010 roster notables with round selected & signing bonus

C Austin Romine/2nd round/$500,000
P Ryan Pope/3rd round/$229,500
OF Damon Sublett/7th round/$120,000
OF Austin Krum/9th round/$110,000
3B Brandon Laird/27th round/$120,000

P Jeremy Bleich/1st round (supplemental)/$700,000
2B David Adams/3rd round/$333,000
OF Dan Brewer/8th round/$125,000
P D.J. Mitchell/10th round/$400,000
P David Phelps/14th round/$150,000

P Lance Pendleton/4th round/$215,000

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8 Comments on “Thunder draft picks – the good, bad & the ugly”

  1. David McD Says:

    Them was some bad picks for the Sox in those days.

    I gotta say, though, Mark Fischer was a real good kid. Even though he was playing horribly, he always would talk to the press without attitude. I was almost glad for him when they released him, as he just looked like he wanted it to end. I’m glad I got a chance to shake his hand and wish him well as he was cleaning out his locker. I wondered what he’s doing now. I hope he has a good life.

  2. johnalbone Says:

    That is the thing about every one of those washout guys – they were all really nice guys. There are some exceptions, such as David Eckstein, Brett Gardner and Phil Hughes, but it seems the good guys don’t get very far. They need to have a little ass in them to get there and stay.

    • David McD Says:

      I know what you mean, John. It’s maybe a lack of ego or self-confidence. Of course, being an ass won’t in itself get you to the big leagues and beyond. If that were true, Michael Coleman would be a superstar, and Gabe Lopez and Shea Hillenbrand would be in the Hall of Fame.

      BTW, Jeff “I’ll Carry Nipper On My Back To The Big Leagues” Suppan was released today.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm…no mention of the immortal David Parrish?

    He had to be pretty close to making the list, right?

    • johnalbone Says:

      There was about 5 minutes of debate over Parrish. It came down to he and Skaggs for the final “washout” spot, but the fact Parrish played at Triple-A and was called up to the big leagues, albeit w/o being activated, made him far too accomplished to make the bottom 5.
      Nice catch, though.
      No pun intended!

  4. David McD Says:

    what about drew henson/ or was he not first round

  5. David McD Says:

    Oh wait- he never got to Trenton did he

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