Now McNabb knows how Jason Campbell feels

Donovan McNabb keeping it real at Tampa Bay in 2006

File this one under “other stuff to chew on.”
Sorry, but I just could not resist after watching Donovan McNabb being introduced as a member of the Washington Redskins earlier this week.
I am still not sure which was worse: The mega-fluffers among the media in the DC-area that will now “cover” McNabb, who don’t have a clue as to the extent McNabb brought many of his issues in Philadelphia upon himself with his passive-aggressive tendencies, or McNabb’s simply precious gem of, “It feels like being drafted again.”
And how was that experience back in 1999 for ya, No. 5, when the boos of a few knucklehead Eagles’ fans on draft day in New York put a chip on your shoulder that you never completely removed?
I covered McNabb for six years while with The Times of Trenton, so I had a front row seat for the entire T.O. spectacle, the “black on black crime” nonsense, him tossing Pam Oliver under the bus in Dallas, the James Brown interview, all the corny jokes and, my personal favorite, the postgame presser following the 13-13 tie with Cincinnati in November of 2008 that featured McNabb’s stunning admission that he did not know the NFL overtime rules.
Look, I admired McNabb’s toughness and thought he was a very good NFL quarterback and a pretty nice guy who did a lot of good work in the community.
But enough was enough. It was time for everyone to move on.
In tribute to McNabb’s departure here is a classic, rarely seen photo (wish I knew who took it so I could give credit, because you can’t take shots like this with your cell phones, kids) from that dreadful 2006 loss at Tampa Bay.
The body language of Derrick Brooks (No. 55 for the Bucs) is just priceless.

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3 Comments on “Now McNabb knows how Jason Campbell feels”

  1. Bill Kle? Says:

    John , I have to tell you I think I am more excited about the Eagles this year then the Steelers .

    This issue with the eagles keeping him as long as they did is due to the fact the Eagles did not want to be percived as confirming or sideing with the now infamous Rush Limbaugh Comments on that sports channel with the 4 letters.

    As we all know the majority of players in the NFL are Afro-American, and I have to believe they did not want to take the heat from the media and other groups that would have followed had they released him a few years ago. They must have known what his flaws were , they saw the tapes every week , hell I could see it .

    I think after the two losses to Dallas they had enough fan and player discontent to trade him.
    Just from the replays on TV you could see he had guys wide open ..and i mean wide open .

    If he has a great opertunity to shut up the haters by beating the eagles , but if he truly cant handle pressure as your photo and T.O. say …then god help him when he walks onto the feild in phila. the fans are not stupid and will push his buttons until he crys….or pukes !

  2. Bill Kle? Says:

    Hey , just a follow up on Mcnabb , I was watching the NFL network and what do I see in a short 2 second clip ?
    They show Mcnabb barfing against the Panthers … that is at least 3 times I know of that happining . ( Pats , Bucs , Panthers)

    This guy truly does not have the stomach for the postion .

  3. JB Says:

    Certainly either he or Andy Reid had to go. You can argue both should have been sent packing. But if the Eagles could only cut one loose, I think it should have been Reid. His poor game management skills and incredible unwillingness to run the ball has cost the Eagles just as many big games over the last 10 years as McNabb’s shortcomings. And decent head coaches are much easier to find than decent QBs. Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl as a head coach, for crying out loud.

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